Award Winning Innovation Architects

We help your people to create, develop and deliver breakthrough innovation ideas and transform them into sustainable and profitable ventures.


The startup ecosystem is fundamentally disrupting the way all businesses work. Building and maintaining the capacity to innovate is more important than it has ever been for sustainable and profitable growth. We work alongside leadership on a detailed process of introspection, understanding your existing capabilities, business model and propensity for change.


Having a great idea is good, delivering a brilliant business is great! We find talented and driven individuals who have incredible ideas to improve your business, and help make them a reality. We work with senior leadership to create the structure required to develop the very best of these ventures, and invest similarly to the way Venture Capitalists will with their own portfolio.


The Pollen8 platform unlocks talent, ideas, projects and initiatives across your organisations. It helps educate your staff and take them from having a good idea to testing to prototyping new and exciting ventures.

"Working with the team at Pollen8 is a real pleasure. Pollen8 has helped GKN to develop our GKN 10x Accelerator Programme. It is anything but “business as usual” for us so it was critical to find experts in corporate innovation to build and support the programme. I am constantly astonished by the range and depth of skills which they are able to bring to bear… We look forward to having Pollen8 support on a broader range of innovation activities in the near future."

Head of innovation,
GKN’s Accelerator 10X

“Pollen8 are a unique group of innovators, helping organisations to take ideas from that light bulb moment to reality… One of Pollen8’s greatest strengths, is their ability to develop people’s innovation skills, by encouraging people to think differently. From a reassuring pep talk, to endless hours perfecting every word of my pitch, Pollen8’s support can only be described as incredible. I have learnt a huge amount from working with Pollen8 and can’t wait to work with them on the next stage our programme.”

PwC Manager
Programme Participant

“Pollen8 won the Startup competition at Lean Startup Summit London because not only did they win the popular vote but the blew the judges away! As winners of our competition that had over 100 European Startups apply, Pollen8 represented Europe at the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco where once again they really impressed. Pollen8's continued growth and success comes as no surprise as they are truly one of Europe's most dynamic and innovative companies”

Head of the Lean Startup Summit, EMEA

We are a team of growth hackers, augmented reality experts, brand creators, philosophers, SIM card innovators, photographers, code virtuosos, archeologists, musicians and designers.

Exciting times are here upon us at Pollen8, but we can't do it alone. Join us. We always have room for talent.


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