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Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.

One thing we know is that work will look fundamentally different in the next 15 years. Automation, AI, environmental degradation, overpopulation, the gig economy, globalisation, and new technology mean we need to think differently about careers and work.

We have researched change, innovation and mega trends and know one thing: work will become increasingly project and problem based. The quicker big companies train and adapt to these new realities, the more successful they will be.

We want to be part of solving the most interesting and difficult problems of our generation.

What we do

Platform, Innovation Programmes, Sprints

We help you run your innovation office in the cloud and accelerate the launch of new ventures. This means creating an ecosystem that unlocks talent, ideas and projects across your organisation.

Our platform is a tool that helps you create a home for innovation. It offers a place where people can learn how to spot problems or opportunities and create structured and well thought through ideas. It allows us to upskill your employees and innovation capabilities.

Pollen8 Platform - Idea development

We believe that innovation leaders need to be empowered to track the performance of their innovations like a VC would, with a centralised portfolio management approach that highlights which ideas are hitting their objectives, which ones deserve further investment, and which to kill.

Years of running innovation programmes have allowed us to create a review system based on having multiple smart review rounds simplifying the usually complex process.

Our programmes and sprints are there to support ideas and people that are identified as high potential.

Pollen8 Platform - Discover

With pollen8 you can:

Discover ideas with impact, and create deal flow

To successfully innovate you will need to see a lot of ideas and in many respects, you will have to act like a VC. But these ideas need to be structured in the right way to add value. They need to be well thought through and comparable so you can spot the best opportunities and biggest problems. A VC sees 1,000+ business ideas to make just 10 investments. ROI is measured on an entire portfolio, not a single idea.

Upskill your employees with innovation methodologies

Innovation isn't just about finding the next big idea, equally important is educating and retaining the best talent to build your future. 78% of millennials are influenced by the innovation credentials of a prospective employer. 69% say a lack of freedom to explore new ideas related to their job led them to resign.

Connect with the right people and talent

Corporates need to draw on a wide range of expertise and collaborate with the right businesses in a structured way. Unilever predict that by 2025 startups and corporates will work together in the same offices. Teams need collaborators with varying talents and cross-functional roles, but they don't form until an idea needs to scale or launch. Silos need to be broken down at the ideation stage, so cross- functional teams can grow alongside the idea.

Manage your innovation portfolio effectively

It's not just about how much you invest, but how you invest, and how you manage those investments. Take Nokia and Apple. In 2011, Nokia spent $3.9bn on R&D while Apple only spent $800m. The following year, Nokia faced bankruptcy while Apple launched the iPhone 5.

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About us

We are driving change

We are an ambitious team of problem solvers, creators, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists and growth hackers who want to change the way large organisations innovate.


  • Winner of Lean Startup Summit (2016)
  • Founders Factory & Founders Forum (2016)
  • Fuse (2016)
  • New Entrepreneurs Foundation Award (2016)
  • WeWork Creators Award (2017)

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