We help you to make the right innovation decisions

In a complex world, leaders are faced with increasingly demanding challenges.

Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again. The rise of global and decentralised communication demands we react to challenges and insights on a daily basis. The rapid adoption of emerging technologies has led to new threats and opportunities. The age of a static work force and five year plans is being surpassed by the rise of digital disruptors & new, progressive work environments.

The impact of this connected world and your organisation's role in it are just starting to be explored, Pollen8 provide the innovation tools to help you face this new future.

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Typical challenges

When you are trying to:

Engage a diverse audience

Reaching people across your organisation with the right innnovation message is challenging. Initiative fatigue, misconceptions around what innovation is, and unclear incentives can make getting traction hard. Innovation can either feel siloed from the business, or watered down because it tries to appeal to everyone.

Collect relevant opportunities in a consistent way

Gathering insights and opportunities from your people in a way which is useful can be hard. Even the best & brightest don't always understand the organisational context that makes an idea valuable. They may also not understand which bits of information are the most important to share, or where to go to share them.

Compare and review projects

Getting the right people to review new opportunities can be tough and difficult to scale. Complicated spreadsheets, multiple versions, and inconsistent review criteria all make it difficult to know whether the best ideas are getting the right attention.

Manage projects and ventures to demonstrate innovation ROI

The KPIs and metrics around innovation often need to meet different standards to normal business. It can be hard when testing new business models and innovative technologies to know what counts as success. This can lead to zombie projects that continue indefinitely, but even worse it can mean projects with real potential can be killed because they don't neatly fit into existing measurement systems.

Pollen8's innovation toolkit can help you make the right decisions.

What we do

Consulting Services


Organisations who innovate effectively have sustainable solutions throughout their innovation journey. We can help you to get this right by ensuring you build your process with the right metrics, the right support, and the right organisational fit for long term success.


Best in class innovation is not just about new technology and a great business model, it's also about training exceptional intrapreneurs. We support your best and brightest with stakeholder management, MVP testing, product development, and taking their product to market.

Pollen8 Consultancy - Consultancy Session


The best people to spot opportunities and problems are those closest to your business, so we help you engage everyone, from employees through to customers & external startups.

Tracking Progress

We help you understand whether innovation is working in your organisation by measuring the right things at the right time to build a true portfolio view across your ventures.

Pollen8 Consultancy - UX Presentation

What we do

Innovation Platform


Engage your innovators with the Pollen8 Discovery Centre, showcasing your events, past successes & online education backed by exclusive content from the Pollen8 innovation library.


Collect new ideas or on-board your existing innovation portfolio using a structured, customisable application process to ensure consistency & quality.

Pollen8 Platform - Discover


Bring key stakeholders & expert knowledge into your review process using a flexible assessment workflow, so that you understand what opportunities to back and why. Follow-up using criteria-based feedback to encourage reapplication rates.

Portfolio Management

Monitor performance and measure progress across your entire portfolio to create transparency, spot trends, and ensure insights from your experiments are shared across the business.

Pollen8 Platform - Application

About us

We are driving change

We are an ambitious team of problem solvers, creators, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists and growth hackers who want to change the way large organisations innovate.


  • Winner of Lean Startup Summit (2016)
  • Founders Factory & Founders Forum (2016)
  • Fuse (2016)
  • New Entrepreneurs Foundation Award (2016)
  • WeWork Creators Award (2017)

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Head of Creative

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Innovation Architect

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Visual Designer

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Innovation Consultant

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